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Design of Mr. White

My design process includes building the world and its characters in conjunction with the game mechanics. One of the principle characters in Lair is the main boss, inspired by the various Bond villains. The design for Mr. White has evolved over the years. He adopted a one-eyed bulldog named Mr. Fleming and gave it a…


Wee Big Games is an independent design and development studio for tabletop games. Located in New York City, we focus on games with fun themes, atypical components and mechanics. Each game has a world, each character a backstory — and a title that has four letters. Why four? Of course, there’s a story behind it…


In an alternate history 1969—the height of the cold war—the communists are building a lunar base. You are a mid-level bureaucrat charged with staffing and construction. Manage the work schedule, construct multi-level buildings, root out enemy spies, and maneuver your trusted comrades into key posts to command the most influence in the new base.

Hero | Epic Kung Fu fights

Our latest game is a direct conflict area control game where you play Kung Fu masters liberating the lands controlled by five warlord factions. It employs a bag-building mechanic and a faction wheel that tracks your standing with each faction.


They came. They saw. They devoured. They is a Euro-farming game—for interstellar aliens. It features a mothership that incorporates a rondel and a rotating ‘market’. You fly around in your saucers, and harvest from different terrestrial sites using tentacles.


You are lieutenants to the nefarious Mr. White, tasked with building his secret underground headquarters on a remote volcanic island. Construct rooms such as the Missile Silo, Interrogation Room, and the Shark Tank — in the most optimal location to gain most favor (victory points) from Mr. White. PURCHASE BGG | Setup | Rules | How…


Ooze is a survival horror game for 2-4 players—a “Dead of Winter” light, without zombies, if you will. Your goal is to work with other survivors and make it to safe haven, but you never know when someone will turn on you.